“Modus Operandi” of criminals to steal cash at ATMs in Mérida

A user of social networks related how she almost fell into the “trap”

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- Through social networks, “traps” have been reported by criminals to steal from ATMs in Mérida.

A user told the story through her Facebook account, she went to a branch of a banking institution located in Circuito Colonias to withdraw money, but when carrying out the operation the ATM did not deliver the money in cash as it normally does.

The woman indicates that a friend who accompanied her noticed that the slot through which the money comes out was blocked with a black aluminum ruler, so they decided to remove that object, and thus take the cash.

The woman made the publication to alert the population and this way prevents them from being victims of crime.

This “modus operandi” is one of many used by criminals to obtain money easily, which they normally do at night when the branches are already closed, but the ATMs are open all night.

In particular, this way of operating consists of placing an acrylic bar in the slot through which the ATM issues the money.

Once placed, the criminals wait for someone to come to make a transaction, but since the ATM is obstructed, customers think that the machine is failing, so they leave the place. And as soon as they leave, the criminals, who are always watching from a distance, enter the ATM area, remove the trap, and take the cash.