Mexican Alejandro Lemus breaks freediving world record in Yucatan cenote

Cenotillo, Yucatán (January 23, 2020).- With the support of the Secretariats of Tourism Development (Sefotur) and Sustainable Development (SDS), as well as the Sports Institute (IDEY), the saddened Alejandro Lemus Nava broke the world record of variable weight with a dive in freshwater with a single fin in the cenote Ucil, an event that encourages physical activity and ecotourism in the state.

Lemus Nava submerged 82 meters in the most representative body of water in Cenotillo, located two kilometers north of the municipal seat. The event was attended by Carlos Sáenz Castillo, director of IDEY as an official witness. Sáenz Castillo congratulated the athlete for his achievement.

He was the first Mexican to break a world record in freediving, which makes his achievement more important, Lemus will try to break two other world records in these coming days.

This athlete is a professional in underwater activities and founder of the Lemus School. He has been practicing in the cenotes of the peninsula for years, for which he has the support of the Bepensa Foundation.

The event had all the safety and health measures, in addition to the support of a diving team and the presence of two judges from the World Confederation of Underwater Activities. With this, it is expected to project the image of Yucatán as a world-class sports tourism destination to the whole world, through social networks.

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