Man with horns who stormed Capitol would testify against Trump.

QAnon Shaman - Photo: Reuters

The man known as ‘QAnon Shaman’ said he was disappointed in Donald Trump after asking for a pardon and being denied; now he could testify against him during the second impeachment trial.

WASHINGTON D.C. (AP) – Jacob Anthony Chansley, the man with horns who stormed the Capitol in support of Donald Trump, could now be one of the witnesses in the impeachment trial facing the former president.

According to the information agency, Chansley would be willing to testify in the trial against Trump to convict him.

The QAnon Shaman is now disappointed in Trump after he refused to grant him a pardon following the Capitol assault, Jacob’s defense lawyer reported. “He felt the president betrayed him,” Albert Watkins said.

After the assault on the Capitol, U.S. authorities began to arrest people who participated in the events, including Jacob.

It will be next February 8 when former President Trump will begin his second impeachment trial.

Chansley’s participation in this trial has not yet been confirmed, but his lawyer is already trying to lobby for his testimony in exchange for a possible pardon.