Via: El Diario de Yucatan

MOTUL (Times Media Mexico).- A dog had a movie moment when he stole a piece of meat that was larger than his mouth, which we can only assume belonged to an absent-minded buyer or a butcher.

“Look, he stole a piece of meat”, said a woman when she saw the dog with a rack of ribs bigger than his muzzle.

The victorious dog was seen passing under the Municipal Palace and settling down under the shade of a tree amidst the park, where he happily devoured his beloved meal.

At first, he didn’t share his hard-earned spoils, but a pack of dogs joined him shortly afterwards and feasted as well.

The dog’s heist happened in the surroundings of the centrally located Motul Municipal Market.

It was a victimless crime, as the police did not receive any complaints about it, but it did cause cheerful comments from the people who witnessed it.