Leader of Chamber of Banquets and Suppliers demands an explanation from SEFOTUR

“We demand the dismissal or at least an explanation from the Tourism Secretary Michelle Fridman in relation to the massive event she organized in the middle of a public health emergency situation”, said Miguel Antonio Rodríguez Alpuche, leader of the Chamber of Banquets and Suppliers of Yucatán.

Members of the Chamber of Banquets and Suppliers of Yucatán went to the State Congress and requested the intervention of local representatives to order an investigation around the event that took place at the Hacienda San Juan Opichén, and the government officials who sponsored and authorized it.

The president of the group, Miguel Antonio Rodríguez Alpuche, is requesting a dialogue with the authorities because this sector needs to reactivate its activities as soon as possible.

He said that many companies in the sector have been affected by the paralysis, which is why a request was also made for financial support from the Government.

Regarding the investigation, Rodríguez Alpuche said: “We ask that a thorough investigation be made of the event that took place last week at the Hacienda San Juan Opichén and was sponsored by the Secretariat of Tourism Promotion (SEFOTUR).”

He regretted that while they are not allowed to work due to health measures, this event was carried out without complying with the provisions of the Ministry of Health.

“It is important that the service providers be fined, but we demand a sanction from the organizers and an explanation of why Sefotur participated”, Rodríguez Alpuche stated.

“We want an explanation from the Secretary of Tourism, Michelle Fridman, and that the officials involved be punished and if they have to be dismissed so be it, ” the president of the Chamber of Banquets and Suppliers of Yucatán concluded.



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