Hospital nurse chief dies after two months of fighting Covid

Merida Yucatan (January 27, 2021) .- Unfortunately, the nurse, Leydi Cupul Perera, with 53 years of service, died while she was admitted to the “Agustín O’Horan” hospital, a victim of the coronavirus after a long battle.

Just a few hours before her death, the health professional’s family sent a group of mariachis to cheer her on during her treatment, which generated high expectations among the hospital workers.

Cupul Perera worked as head of the O’Horán external consultation floor, although she provided her services in various areas of the hospital throughout her 50-year career, for which she was recognized by the Secretariat’s Workers’ Union of Health section 67, to which she belonged.

As reported, she was admitted to the hospital on December 9, although she was later transferred to the Issste clinic, and then she returned to the O’Horán on January 22.

After almost 2 months in the hospital, her family decided to express their support with mariachi music, although in the end, she lost the battle against the disease.

After the news was released, Cupul Perera’s colleagues and co-workers expressed their deep sorrow for her death, noting that she carried out her work with distinction and dedication for over half a century.