Free internet to support hundreds of students in Tekax, Yucatan

Mayor of Tekax, Diego Ávila Romero

As part of the return to school for elementary school students in Yucatán, the mayor of Tekax, Diego Ávila Romero, launched the online park service with free internet to support hundreds of children and young people in their virtual classes.

The service started in the parks of the city center and the San Francisco neighborhood, to which will be added the Social Module of the City Council and the park of the Padre Eterno neighborhood, as well as the Ticum and Tixcuytún police stations.

This online parks program is part of the Comprehensive Plan for Access to Technologies for Development in the Municipality, which includes the acquisition of computers, tablets, and cell phones at low cost, through an alliance between the City Council and private initiative and civil associations.

It is an unprecedented project in the interior of the State, which places Tekax at the technological forefront and whose objective is to reduce the inequality gap in telecommunications and the use of information technologies.

This program offers a very good option not only for students but also for teachers and parents from both the municipal seat and the police stations.

“It is not about making isolated or improvised efforts, that is why a complete strategy was designed that ranges from accessing the telephone and internet signal where it had never been before, to subsidy programs to acquire equipment such as tablets, computers, and cell phones. ”, Highlighted Mayor Ávila Romero.

The municipal president indicated that the call for this subsidy program will be issued in the next few days, which will include the purchase of chips for mobile devices. The information can be consulted on the website and social networks of the City Council.

The announcement of the Plan was in charge of the Mayor Diego Ávila and the Directors of Education, Culture and Sports, Mirna Ancona Salazar, and of Economic Development and Tourism, Erick Esquivel Domínguez, who were accompanied by the Secretary of the Commune, Flora Peraza Campos, and the trustee Fabiola Suárez Várguez.

In her speech at the event, which was broadcast via Facebook Live, Mirna Ancona spoke about the Sin Límite program, created to help students, parents and teachers who have difficulties in carrying out their academic activities, due to not having technological tools.

The program -which is part of the Comprehensive Plan-, has three types of support:

1) Spaces with internet and computers for young people who need to take online classes, receive or send their work; 2) Internet-only spaces for people with a computer or mobile phone, and 3) Free Internet around the municipal library for parents and students to receive and send their work.

In turn, Esquivel Domínguez said that, from the beginning of the administration, Mayor Diego Ávila instructed to bring communication and mobile telephony closer to citizens and that is why they took steps with companies such as Telcel to install towers in Pencuyut and Xaya , as well as the north of the city, in order to expand coverage.

He explained that, as part of the Rural Connectivity Program, the Ticum and Tixcuytún police stations will have free internet, adding that the acquisition of computers. Low-cost tablets and cell phones, between 30 and 40 percent off, will be done in coordination with the Mariana Trinitaria congregation.

He also stated that, in the mobile internet program, the beneficiaries will be able to access a data plan of five gigabytes per month, with a single payment of 960 pesos per year, which represents a 60% subsidy, another of the benefits of the Comprehensive Plan for Access to Technologies for Development.