Dzilam de Bravo boardwalk has a brand new image

The municipality of Dzilam de Bravo increased its urban infrastructure with better spaces for its inhabitants and new attractions for visitors, after the modernization work of the Malecón with an investment of 9.6 million pesos.

On a working tour of the eastern part of the state, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal inaugurated the new Malecón, which sports a renewed image; supervised the 24/7 program clinic at this point on the Yucatan coast and also delivered the reconstruction works of more than 1.8 kilometers of streets in the municipality of Temax.

Together with the mayor of Dzilam de Bravo, Daniel Armando Herrera Rivera, and the commander of the IX Naval Zone, Vice-Admiral Carlos Humberto Lanz Gutiérrez, the Governor toured the boulevard that from now on is a recreational, safe and attractive space, which in its process construction generated more than 150 jobs, between direct and indirect.

When giving details of the work, the head of the Ministry of Public Works (SOP), Virgilio Crespo Méndez, explained that one of the benefits of this work is that public space was recovered, creating small urban islands where children can play young people can read and do other activities.

In the same way, the work carried out will allow the reduction of speed of the cars that pass through here and revitalize the area of ​​economic benefit, both for the local inhabitants, as well as the attraction of more tourism to the area and the reactivation of the local economy, the state official added.

The remodeling works contemplated the architectural lighting with LED technology for walkways, benches, walls, plants, and parks, revitalization by means of endemic plants of the region, among which are 30 coconut palms, 90 chit palms, and 55 sea grapes and grass planted.

In addition, the formation of an asphalt layer with concrete for roads and roadside painting and the relocation of concrete poles for public lighting inroads with modern LED lights.

Regarding urban furniture, 4 garbage cans, 3 bicycle racks, and 2 playgrounds were installed, along with benches, as well and a rainwater collection system.

As it passed along the Malecón, Mauricio Vila Dosal spoke with visitors, service providers, residents, and fishermen, who agreed that the improvements to the Malecón of this port translate into endless benefits, especially for local businesses that are registering positive numbers with the image improvement of this area.

For example, the owner of the “Mareb Pizza” restaurant, Jorge Orlando Canto Zapata, thanked the Governor for allowing the reactivation of businesses, for the benefit of the people of Dzilam Bravo.

“Now with the new Malecón, more tourism arriving, fortunately, the influx of visitors has increased, this is reflected in our sales and contributes to the economy of our port,” Canto Zapata told Vila Dosal.

During his visit to this port, the Governor also supervised the office of the “Doctor 24/7” program where complementary medical care is offered to the population when health centers and rural hospitals end their working hours. This belongs to the 105 clinics installed in the municipalities across the state.