Doctor in charge of Covid-19 vaccination campaign in Mexico resigns

El Universal (January 18, 2021).- Dr. Miriam Esther Veras Godoy, in charge of the Universal Vaccination Program and a key part of the immunization day against Covid-19, resigned from her position.

Veras Godoy was the director of the National Center for Child and Adolescent Health, a position she left almost a month after the coronavirus vaccination day began.

Health sector authorities confirmed the resignation of Veras Godoy, although they did not specify the exact reason for the departure of the official.

The official had participated in different vaccination days. On December 27, the second day in which the doses were applied to medical personnel, she was in charge of giving the flag to the day that was carried out in the 81st Infantry Battalion.

Veras Godoy also traveled to other states of the Republic where the Covid-19 vaccine has been applied. On December 28, she was in the state of Coahuila.

In social networks, it had transpired that the official left her post due to disagreements with the vaccination strategy, although this was not confirmed by the health sector authorities.