Comedian and journalist detractors of AMLO shoot online program in downtown Merida

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (January 20, 2021)- Comedian Víctor Trujillo, popularly known as Brozo the clown, and journalist Carlos Loret de Mola were spotted in the Plaza Grande of Mérida, recording one of the capsules of their online program known as Latinus.

Photo: Yucatan al Instante

In this program, both usually discuss various issues of politics (and AMLO’s constant blunders), and on Tuesday they were seen in Mérida, where Víctor Trujillo, characterized as Brozo the clown, sang a song by the recently deceased Armando Manzanero, accompanied by a large group of troubadours.

Photo: Yucatan al Instante

Yucatecan journalist Carlos Loret de Mola was also in the place dressed in the traditional guayabera and drew the attention of numerous people that gathered there, some without face masks, which is obviously not recommended due to the Covid-19 pandemic the whole world is going through right now.

Photo: Yucatan al Instante

It should be noted that a few weeks ago, both television hosts were criticized for the same situation because the recording of a program generated controversy since they closed the Plaza de la Liberación, located in Guadalajara, to record an episode of their program in full contingency.

The general annoyance went viral on social networks because Guadalajara’s Plaza de la Liberación had to be closed so they could make the filming.