Cold front and probability of rain during the weekend.

MERIDA Yucatan (ClimaYucatan) – For this weekend, the new cold front number 27 and its cold air mass will maintain a winter atmosphere in the Yucatan peninsula low probability of rain, reports the Centro Hidrometeorológico de Mérida in a bulletin.

There will also be a more marked drop in minimum temperatures mainly, in addition to a “north” event with gusts of more than 50 kilometers per hour (kph) in the coastal areas.

Today Saturday, the 27th cold front will extend over the Peninsula. Its cold and dry air mass will maintain stable weather with little potential for drizzle in the northeast of Yucatan, south of Campeche, north, and south of Quintana Roo.

Temperatures will be warm during the day and cool to temperate at dawn, with “north” events of 20 to 30 kph and gusts over 50 kph in coastal areas.

Tomorrow the cold air mass will remain over the region, favoring a drizzle probability in southern Quintana Roo. There would be no rain in the rest of the Peninsula.

Temperatures will be warm during the day and from cool to warm at dawn, with values below 10 degrees in sectors of the center and south of the region, and north-northeast component wind from 15 to 25 kph and gusts of 45 kph in coastal areas.

By next Monday, the dominance of the high-pressure system that preceded the cold front 27 and some of the associated cold air mass will keep clouds and probability of drizzle in the center and south of Yucatan, south, and center of Campeche, as well as in central and southern Quintana Roo.

The wind will be an east-northeast component of 15 to 25 kph with gusts of 45 kph on the region’s coasts.

Besides, the atmosphere will be warm during the day and cool at night and in the early morning.