Clandestine cockfight suspended in Abalá, Yucatan

A cockfight, allegedly authorized by the Abalá city council, led to an agglomeration of people on a property in that municipality, for which the event had to be suspended.

Several people reported to the emergency number 911 the realization of the event, and minutes later, police and state health personnel arrived on-site to verify the situation.

Upon arriving at the property, located on 10th Street between 15 and 17 in Abalá, they realized that cockfights were taking place there.

The person in charge of the cockfight organization declared that he had permission from the Abalá city hall, but the event was suspended definitely because there was an agglomeration of people, in addition to not complying with the Covid-19 prevention regulations, such as the mandatory use of face masks and healthy distance.

At the entrance, there was no antibacterial gel and people’s temperatures were not taken.