The affected people call for greater vigilance

SAN CRISANTO, Municipality of Sinanché, Yucatán.- The tranquility of the port has been interrupted by a wave of robberies that have been registered without the authorities arresting those responsible.

Guillermina Ruiz Salazar reported that someone broke into her house, took a gas cylinder that was chained.

The woman asked her neighbors to take precautions.

The wave of robberies in this coastal community has occurred in recent weeks. The thieves are taking all types of objects.

In the case of the woman denouncing the events that occurred in Villa Loreto. She asked the authorities, headed by the mayor of Sinanché, Felipe de Jesús Rojas Escalante, to improve the surveillance or increase it.

San Crisanto resident Jabiel Chan also reported that several thefts have been registered in the community and asked the neighbors to keep an eye on their property.

Local media reported several attempts to locate Mayor Felipe Rojas, but all unsuccessful.