Brazilian influencer who denied Covid existence is in the hospital intubated

Ygona Moura, a Brazilian influencer, who became famous through Instagram, for encouraging the population to gather massively, arguing that the coronavirus does not exist, is now hospitalized in serious condition, in the Covid-19 of the Santa Marcelina Cidade Tiradentes Hospital, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Ygona Moura’s health status was updated in an Instagram post on Tuesday, January 19th. The influencer, who used to make fun of social isolation, is now hospitalized with Covid-19.

“Her condition is very serious. She remains intubated, sedated, and has kidney problems. Please send a prayer for Ygona” her Instagram post said.

“I ask all the followers to pray for Ygona’s life. Ygona Force, ” the post read.