Aspiring Yucatan Morena candidates register in Mexico City

The registration of federal deputies for the MORENA political party from the third district was carried out on Thursday, January 7, the state of Yucatán belongs to the third district.

Among the formally registered candidates, Sisely Burgos Cano, former PROFECO delegate in Yucatán, for the III Federal District, Guillermo Calderón Carvajal for the IV, both located in Mérida; and Geovana Campos, for the II District with head in Progreso; the councilor of Valladolid, Angelita Villanueva Vivas, for District I, with head in that same municipality.

While for District V, the former local deputy and former coordinator of the program for the disabled and vulnerable groups, Jazmín Villanueva Moo.

Both Sisely Burgos, Geovana Campos, and Jazmín Villanueva, are very active in social networks, as they have been visiting the municipalities and neighborhoods of the respective districts to which they aspire.

MORENA could win federal districts I and V, and also of keep federal district III, in Mérida, Yucatan.