Armed robbery at gas station in Hunucma, Yucatan

Hunucmá, Yucatan (January 11, 2021).- Two armed men took advantage of the fact that a dispatcher was alone to rob him and take the money from the register along with his cell phone on the evening of Monday, January 10th at a gas station located next to the Mérida-Tetiz bridge, at the height of kilometer 17.

José Luis Puc Baas, 32, was entering his night shift, barely two hours had passed when two guys on foot came out of nowhere, one of the thugs approached Jose Luis with a firearm, asking him for all the money from the register and even his cell phone.

He immediately ran to ask for help from a truck driver that was parked at a distance. The thieves fled the scene in a vehicle with the lights off, so Jose Luis could not recognize the license plates or the model of the car.

The booty amounts to almost 4,000 pesos and the worker’s cellphone, the events took place shortly before midnight on Sunday, January 10th. 

Several SSP agents and a patrol car from the Hunucmá Municipal Police arrived at the site minutes later, but despite the search operation that went on until the early hours of Monday, January 11th, no arrests have been made in relation to this crime.