AMLO shows up to avoid further rumors

I show myself so that there are no rumors’, AMLO says in a video.

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – President Andrés Manuel López Obrador published a video in which he thanked the shows of support and concern for his health after testing positive for COVID-19, and so that rumors about his health are not spread.

I still have COVID, but the doctors already tell me that it is passing the critical stage. I present myself to you so that there are no rumors, misunderstandings, I’m fine,” he said while walking in the National Palace without wearing masks.

The president thanked the expressions of affection and solidarity he received from many people.

Although López Obrador remains isolated, he assured that he has been keeping an eye on handling the pandemic.

“We are working on the same strategy and strengthening it, which consists of ensuring that no one lacks a bed. That there is no shortage of doctors, nurses, doctors and that there is no shortage of medicines, that everyone is attended to,” he insisted in the video.

After announcing his state of health, the president assured that he has been working with the different pharmaceutical companies with which he has agreements to stockpile vaccines.