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AMLO Mentally Ill – becomes Trending Topic in Twitter.

by Yucatan Times
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Saturday morning, the hashtag #AMLOEnfermermoMental -AMLO Mentally Ill- became the number one Trending Topic on Twitter as many Mexicans demand the platform to shutdown AMLO’s account.

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – On the morning of January 9th, the hashtag #AMLOEnfermoMental became the number one trend on Twitter, after social network users began criticizing López Obrador for his unfortunate and harmful statements during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador has been president of Mexico since December 2018. Since then, his performance as president has been described by many as the worst in Mexico’s modern era. To date, Mexico is drowning in violence, narco-wars, femicides, unstable economy, and a poorly managed pandemic that leaves every day more and more people dead. In addition to the above, López Obrador and his political party Morena, have called themselves “opposition” to the previous governments, speech that AMLO as the president of Mexico has maintained during his mandate.

Since López Obrador’s victory in the July 2018 elections, Mexico has been highly polarized, on at least two very active sides in social networks. On the one hand, AMLO’s followers and, on the other, social network users who oppose the Federal Government’s corrupt and obscure way of governing.

Polarization is not strange to the president of Mexico. He has incited it above anyone else and continually speaks about it during his morning conferences. AMLO blames the media, the people with money, the business sector. He has currently dedicated himself to attacking the political parties that will form an opposition block against him, and his self called “Fourth Transformation.”

In this sense, Lopez Obrador has contributed to increasing polarization. He has deepened the severance of sides in favor and against him is by continuously talking and, according to him, revealing information on the acts of corruption carried out by previous administrations and political parties in Mexico. Lopez doesn’t understand that EVERYONE in Mexico knows it. Everyone is aware of how rotten the system was. That is why Mexicans voted for him—expecting a change. Unfortunately, many Mexicans feel he has turned out to be worse. 

AMLO does not put aside his divisive rhetoric, calling people who represent the opposition against his government “conservatives,” multiple times has insulted people who criticize him and his government. There have been times when his comments also insults his supporters. Just a few days ago, he called them “nacos.”

During the TT a tweet was highlighted showing a quote by López Obrador pointing out that the Covid-19 pandemic “is not as big or as alarming as it seems”. This statement was made before the coronavirus pandemic reached Mexico.

López Obrador is the one responsible for the country. He is the president, he is in charge of Mexico, and it has been under his command that the greatest number of massacres in the history of this country have happened. The greatest number of femicides, and the greatest polarization since the Mexican Revolution, has occurred.

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