Actual number of deaths due to covid-19 in Mexico is almost 45% more than reported by Health Secretariat – INEGI

Coffin placed in a grave at the San Isidro cemetery in Ecatepec Mexico. EFE/Jorge Núñez

Between January and August 2020, a total of 108,658 people died from COVID-19 in Mexico, according to the preliminary count of death certificates revealed by INEGI. This places the new disease as the second leading cause of death in Mexico during that period, behind only heart disease.

MEXICO CITY (Times Media Mexico) – There were 33,641 more deaths due to COVID than those reported by the Federal Health Ministry at the end of last August. In other words, the actual number of deaths confirmed by COVID is almost 45% higher than the number reported daily. The head of INEGI, Julio A. Santaella, confirmed this difference this morning.

“Many people are not dying in hospitals. They are dying in their homes. Most people die in their homes. Fifty-eight percent die outside of hospitals. That may partly explain this difference,” explained Edgar Vielma Orozco, general director of Sociodemographic Statistics at INEGI, in an interview with Ciro Gomez Leyva.

Besides, statistics released by INEGI show that from January to August 2020, 683,823 people died in Mexico from all types of causes, of which 673,260 were deaths that occurred during that period, 10,563 are extemporaneous deaths from other years or with unconfirmed dates.