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80% of the Covid deaths in Yucatan involved hypertension, diabetes, or obesity

by Yucatan Times
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In the course of 2020, in the State, four out of every five people who died as a result of Covid-19 had at least one comorbidity, which complicated their state of health, to the point of losing their life”, reported the Ministry of Health of Yucatan (SSY).

During the first months of the presence of the lethal pathology in the state, 41 comorbidities or risk factors were deceased.

Both at the national and state level, the risk conditions of about 80 percent of the victims of Covid-19 were three: hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, in the respective order.

In the entity, of the total of deaths as a result of the pandemic, 522 lacked a history of risky diseases, or the respective medical history was unknown, 17.98 percent, while 2,381 had at least one comorbidity.

In Yucatan, only one person has had six simultaneous comorbidities, a 67-year-old male, who had systemic arterial hypertension, diabetes, obesity, asthma, smoking, and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).

There were 41 chronic degenerative alterations and/or risk conditions that caused the death of people infected by the deadly infectious disease of rapid spread.

At least the first five conditions with the highest risk, or diseases related to fatal cases of people infected by the new coronavirus, had a similar proportion with respect to the national statistics.

Also, up to now, in the State, of every 100 people who tested positive for the disease, 11 have died.

The three main causes of death from the new coronavirus are hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, diseases that affect the vast majority of the Yucatecan population, and most of the deceased are senescent with some associated comorbidity.

Yucatán is above the national average, mainly in hypertension, diabetes, and obesity, coupled with chronic kidney failure, among other conditions, so that infected people have a higher risk of developing the severe form of Covid-19, through pneumonia.

At least in the State, arterial hypertension is the main comorbidity associated with deaths from Covid-19, since the problem killed half of the victims of the pandemic.

In second place is diabetes mellitus, since it affected two out of every five deceased, followed by obesity, with one in every four victims.

Today, heart and kidney diseases, along with smoking and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), become the second group of factors with the highest risk of mortality from Covid-19 in Yucatán.

Of the total number of deaths caused by the pandemic registered in Yucatan, the highest prevalence rate is arterial hypertension, with 1,485 cases, 51.1 percent. One thousand 184 had diabetes, 40.8 percent, and 645 with obesity, 22.2 percent.

In the second group is chronic kidney failure, with 282 people dying, 9.7 percent; 157 deceased with heart disease, 5.4 percent, and 142 with COPD, 4.9 percent.

Similarly, 95 deceased had asthma, 3.27 percent; 93 with smoking problems, 3.20 percent, and 62 with immunosuppression, 2.13 percent.

The presence of the 32 remaining pathologies is less than one percent of all cases.

Therefore, 14 people had some type of cancer, 12 had hypothyroidism, there were 11 unfortunate cases of liver cirrhosis.

According to the statistics provided, eight deceased had liver failure, six with rheumatoid arthritis, and four had liver disease, chronic hematopathy, and dyslipidemia, each.

Likewise, three people had “chronic degenerative diseases” and Cerebral Vascular Disease (CVD), respectively.

Two of the deceased had leukemia, alcoholism, lupus, malnutrition and Alzheimer’s, respectively.

The rest of the deceased suffered from the associated autoimmune disease, Chronic Pulmonary Insufficiency, brain tumor, HIV / AIDS, senile dementia, Multiple Congenital Anomaly, erosive esophagitis, venous insufficiency, psoriasis, anemia, nephritis, gastrotomy, pneumopathy, osteoarthritis, and ” psychiatric illness ”.

Press release issued by SSY

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