30% off on property tax payment during January

The payment of the property tax is an obligation that must be made every year before the city of Mérida.

With the new year, there are tax obligations that must be met. Such is the case of the property in Mérida, which is a tax that must be paid for the homes that each individual has.

From January to March, discounts and bonuses are applied to help meet the payment, which ranges from 8 to 30 percent.

Faced with the contingency of COVID-19, this procedure can be done online through the town hall page in order to avoid crowds, and these are the steps.

  • January: 30% off
  • February: 15% off
  • March: 8% off

It should be remembered that the amount to be paid is based on the cadastral value of the property and the consideration produced by the properties, land or buildings located therein.

Pay online

Payment will have to be through a credit or debit card, and by selecting the pay button, the request will be sent to the selected bank.

If you do not do it online, you can go to one of the 21 collection boxes, do you must meet the following requirements:

  • Wear a face mask at all times
  • Go through the sanitary filter
  • Respect the distance marks that are indicated inside and outside the building
  • Comply with the instructions of the personnel in charge of the security filters.