Visit the one and only Christmas Cookie House in Mérida

Every year Mario transforms his home into a cookie house for Christmas.

Since he was a teenager, Mario Avilés Pacheco has decorated his house, located on Calle 19 (between 36 and 38), of the San Damián neighborhood, with ornaments alluding to Christmas during the month of December in such an elaborate and showy way that it draws the attention of those who pass through that place. 

And the decorations have the peculiarity of being created by Mario Avilés himself.

Mario said that the tradition of decorating his home during the holidays was started by his mother when he was 15 years old, and to date, he has maintained this Christmas custom that has made him famous as an enthusiast of the Christmas spirit among the residents of the area.

He explained that with his mother he learned about crafts and this was what allowed him to take his fervor for these holidays “to another level”, by transforming his home into a “Cookie House”, with gingerbread men in the garden, gifts; and a Christmas tree guarded by the Nutcrackers’ soldiers on the roof.

Unlike other types of decorations, the ornaments with which Mario decorates his home are of his own creation. For its realization, Mario buys wood, polystyrene, glitter, paint, cardboard, and garlands, materials that are hand-molded by himself to transform them into Christmas ornaments.

The placement of the decorations is an activity that can be laborious, so Mario has the support of his sisters to carry it out, in addition, his sisters also take care of him, to prevent him from suffering an accident during the transformation of his house.