Tour the fantastic ancient Maya cities of Calakmul and Balamkú, Campeche


Calakmul and Balamkú is a tour where you will visit the archaeological sites of Calakmul which means “Two nearby mounds” and Balamkú. 

The archaeological site of Calakmul is located within the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, it is an important pre-Hispanic site, it has 6750 ancient structures of which the Great Pyramid of 55 meters high, the ball court, tombs, and other structures stand out. It is the only Mixed Heritage of Humanity in Mexico, considered the second lung of America and the largest Mayan urban center.

As a first point, you will make a stop in the town of Escárcega to have breakfast and continue towards Calakmul, later you will visit the archaeological zone of Balamkú, a small Mayan site that was discovered in 1990.

Balamku, Campeche (Archive)

It has among its structures a large polychrome stucco frieze, unique in the Mayan world also has 3 architectural groups that will surprise you. 

All these sites are surrounded by undisturbed jungle and reveal their exquisite flora, fauna, and ancestral Mayan heritage.

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