Tianguis are back in Mérida

Mérida, Yucatan (December 7, 2020). The Mérida City Council informs that after almost 9 months of suspending activities due to the pandemic, this Monday, December 7, the tianguis will resume work, in a staggered manner and under strict health protocols. that operate in different parts of the city.

In accordance with the restrictions determined by the state health authorities, the merchants in this sector, considered nonessential, had to suspend activities and remain in confinement.

The head of the Sub-Directorate of Markets, Fernando Aguiar Sierra, reported that as part of the gradual economic reopening, the authorities authorized that activities be resumed today, Monday, December 7th.

He pointed out that in support of the tianguistas, and at the initiative of Mayor Renán Barrera Concha, the granting of some incentives for this type of activity is being analyzed.

Aguiar Sierra indicated that the temporary reopening was authorized taking into account the losses due to inactivity that this sector has suffered, but with the commitment to follow the protocols and necessary care to privilege the health of both the tianguistas and the buyers.

Therefore, he said, the agreement was the gradual and staggered reopening, the installation of sanitary filters in the flea markets, and, in addition, tenants and buyers are obliged to use face masks, antibacterial gel and maintain a healthy distance. If possible, the use of masks is also contemplated.

He stressed that the reopening will take place under criteria that prioritize health, in accordance with the capacity in infrastructure and personnel to supervise health measures.

In the flea markets the entrances will be duly signposted with “entry” and “exit” signs to prevent a large number of people from converging on a single point.

He stressed that as the tenants of public markets, each street vendor will be responsible for disinfecting their workplace, including furniture, products, and other items they use.

He clarified that in the case of the tianguis, activities in the rotation of food will also be resumed, but with the condition of placing protection barriers to avoid direct contact with the diners. These barriers can be made of transparent acrylic and only a maximum of two tables will be allowed to be placed, at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

They should also avoid the use of table utensils such as napkin rings, sauce holders, decorations, and menus, among others. In the case of requiring cutlery, these will be delivered wrapped in plastic.

The tianguistas will be obliged to disinfect before and after each use of the table.

The same procedure will apply to all customers, that is, they must carry out hygiene protocols before and after each transaction, especially when it involves handling cash.

The official said that the street markets that will start activities from this week are those located in the parks of the Francisco I. Madero, Esperanza, Serapio Rendón, María Luisa colonies, as well as in the San Roque market and the Macroplaza.

Also those of the Los Reyes, Chenkú Norte, Azcorra neighborhoods, Francisco de Montejo subdivision and Parque Recreativo del Oriente.

The working hours of the flea markets will be from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (morning shift), and for the afternoon shift from 3:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., from Monday to Sunday.

As an additional measure, it is recommended to avoid being accompanied by children under 15 years of age, senior citizens or anybody else considered within risk groups.

It should be noted that as part of the new normal, business units (local) that concentrate minors, such as jumpers, painting easels, among others, will not be allowed.

To reinforce health recommendations, posters and other dissemination tools will be used to inform about prevention measures against COVID-19 and general hygiene.

On the part of the City Council, 16 inspectors will be in charge of the supervision and control of hygiene measures and healthy distance from the tianguistas.

And officers of the Municipal Police will be present to verify that alll health protocols are being followed.