There will be a drop in temperature for Christmas Eve in Yucatan

According to the prediction models, the arrival of a cold front is expected between December 24 and 25, according to the UADY meteorologist, Juan Vázquez.

If the Cold Front arrives this Christmas, as it apparently will, a record would be broken since 2017 there have been no low temperatures on those special dates.

Temperatures predicted for Christmas Eve and Christmas
For this Christmas Eve, a cloudy sky is expected, winds from the East changing to the Northwest, with mostly cloudy skies in the afternoon and night, as well as rains in the afternoon and night with a maximum temperature of 31 to 33º C.

In the early afternoon and late at night on the 24th or early morning of Friday 25th a cold front would arrive, which would cause a cool dawn with a minimum temperature of 13 to 15º C in the central cenote belt and the southern cone of the state.

Meanwhile, in the former henequen zone, temperatures of 15 to 17º C are expected and in Mérida, like the rest of the State, temperatures of 16 to 18º C.

The maximum temperature during the day on December 25 will be 22 to 25º C towards noon, with mostly cloudy skies with fresh winds from the north and northeast.