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The Trumps and their ambitions.

by Yucatan Times
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Trump wants the Republican nomination again in 2024, and the political power also seduces his children.

UNITED STATES (Semana Magazine) – Donald Trump wants to be president of the United States again in 2024. He said so at the White House when he thought he was not being recorded. It was during a Christmas event to which only officials of his administration were invited, no press.

Trump did not notice – or so it seemed – that one of his assistants was recording him with a cell phone when he clearly said, “We are trying to stay another four years, and if that is not possible, I will see you in another four years”. The video went viral, and NBC News set out to find out more about the issue to discover that not only is it true that Trump will seek to be nominated again as a Republican candidate for the upcoming election, but that he would already have a date for the launch of his third campaign: January 20, 2021, the day President-elect Joe Biden takes office.

His intentions to return to the White House are so real that his campaign already has a slogan, and he has begun collecting donations and recruiting volunteers. In November, just days after the election, the tycoon created a political action committee (PAC), which he called “Save America”, an updated version of his first presidential campaign, whose motto was “Make America Great Again”.

The new committee has two functions: to seek funds for the legal battle that Trump says he will fight to the end to prove that the presidential election was stolen, and to raise money for his new campaign. In less than a month, the initiative has already received $207.5 million in donations, and up to 75 percent will go toward seeking a second term.

Trump’s failed re-election campaign manager, Bill Stepien, has a theory about early fundraising success. “These figures prove that President Trump remains the leader and the force behind the Republican Party. He is right about that, and the president has 71 million votes in his favor to back him. In other words, if the Republican Party’s nomination for the next election were today, the New York millionaire would win”. As a curiosity, only one American has won a second non-consecutive term: Grover Cleveland, who returned to the presidency in 1893, after a first term that ended in 1889.

Trump’s candidacy represents a dilemma for the Republican Party. This week, after the Democratic candidate’s victory was confirmed by the electoral college, Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged Joe Biden’s success 38 days after the election, accepted his invitation to “turn the page” and asked his co-partisans to ratify his election in Congress on January 6, as required by the Constitution.

In doing so, he distanced himself from who his party’s candidate might be in the next election. The division within the community could undermine the strength and support of other candidates for office. Among those who sound the most are Ted Cruz, Senator from Texas; Marco Rubio, Senator from Florida; Tucker Carlson, star of Fox News; Nikki Haley, former ambassador of Trump at the United Nations; Mike Pompeo, today Secretary of State, and Mike Pence.

But Trump is not the only one in his family interested in maintaining his power. His dream of creating a dynasty like the Kennedys and Bushes is seconded by his daughter Ivanka. She has already shown signs of having a popularly elected position in her sights. For many, Washington’s real power duo is not Trump and his wife Melania, but father and daughter, with Ivanka being the duo’s kindest face and a faithful advisor to the president.

According to media outlets such as CNN, Trump’s second daughter, with his first wife Ivana, would be considering running for Senate in Florida’s representation, in a vacancy that will be left by Senator Marco Rubio in 2022.

While Ivanka neither denies nor confirms that aspiration, her most recent investment in real estate indicates that she is looking to settle down in the southern state. Together with her husband Jared Kushner, they bought, for $30 million, a property owned by Spanish singer Julio Iglesias on the exclusive island of Indian Creek, also known as the “millionaire’s bunker.” There, multiple fortunes are concentrated, and they have their police department, which has a boat that patrols the island. Sources close to the president’s spoiled daughter assure that her genuine desire is to occupy the position her father has today and that a seat in the Senate is only the first step in that direction.

The Trump Dynasty’s dream of power doesn’t end there. Donald Trump Jr., Ivanka’s older brother, and the president’s firstborn bought a house in Montana where it is rumored that he will seek political office. However, there is no indication of what that office would be. Likewise, the magnate’s daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, wife of Eric, the president’s third son, will run for the Senate representing her home state, North Carolina, where she is already considered the favorite to succeed today’s Senator Richard Burr in 2022.

Returning to Donald Trump, his detractors say his interest is not in the good of the country, but in keeping attention. In this way, he could revive his real estate empire, built on his fame as capital, since he has “suffered” economically while governing. According to Forbes magazine, Trump lost 1.4 billion dollars since he is in the Oval Office, and his debts amount to more than 500 million dollars.

Media attention could also discredit investigators who are conducting several inquiries into his finances and the possibility that he may have exaggerated about the Trump Organization’s assets to obtain loans and tax benefits. For now, it is known that, along with his wife Melania and his son Barron, the future ex-president will try to move into his mansion in Mar-a-Lago, wehere he has found rejection from his neighbors. He wants to turn the place into his political headquarters, only 40 minutes away from his daughter Ivanka.

What will happen to Trump in the next four years is hard to guess, yet one thing is a fact, multiple problems and storms blur the horizon for him, particularly since he will not be a discreet ex-president in need for tranquility and anonymity.

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