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The education of the future is created in Silicon Valley with a Hispanic accent

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It is part of a litter of Latin Americans that are breaking ground in Silicon Valley. It also fits the profile of what is styled. Young but not so young, highly qualified, and with ambition installed far beyond money. 

Let’s say you intend to change the world. And so far, it is not going wrong. At only 45 years old, Esteban Sosnik (Buenos Aires, 1974) can boast of having founded two companies, a startup incubator and a venture capital fund of which he is now a partner, Reach Capital.

From the beginning, his career as an entrepreneur was successful. He started out in the video game world and sold his first two companies for a good handful of millions. One of them was Atakama, founded together with an Argentine partner, and finally taken over by one of the most powerful companies in the sector in Japan, DeNA, in 2011.

Sosnik could well have sought fame and fortune in that field, but he preferred to seek something more impactful in the world and in society. And he decided on the education given through new technologies.

With this idea in mind, he created Reach Capital together with three partners. It is a risk investment fund that is dedicated to investing in innovative business projects in the field of education.

Esteban Sosnik, founding partner of the venture capital fund Reach Capital.
Esteban Sosnik, founding partner of the venture capital fund Reach Capital.

Sosnik lives and breathes Silicon Valley. He knows who is who in this small great ecosystem and every year its presence in the sector grows exponentially. They have already managed to raise 140 million dollars of capital in two phases and have a stake in 48 companies, in names like Newsela , Aura , Epic! , Outschool , Winnie, or SchoolMint . The goal is to help them grow and hopefully one of them — or several — will become the next Amazon, Twitter, or Netflix in the field of Education.

Quality education and for all

The ultimate goal is to expand access to quality education for the rest of the global community, regardless of purchasing power or the country in which the student is located. “The vision of all the entrepreneurs we work with is to expand access to education to the 6 billion people who inhabit this world,” he analyzes in an interview with Yahoo Finance. “We increasingly see technology as a tool that connects people.”

Also, Sosnik believes that there is a growing interest in betting on technology in this part of the world. “In recent years there have been cases of many avant-garde entrepreneurs, engineers, product designers who have left Facebook, Twitter or Google and are now dedicating themselves to this space.”

Regarding the way of understanding education in Silicon Valley, he believes that it is a constant learning process that lasts until leaving the job market. “Today we see education that begins when you are born until you retire. To make an analogy, education becomes a movie that you see once and stopped watching, to be episodic ”.

Source: Yahoo Finance Mexico

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