Substantial increase of COVID-19 in Yucatan

141 new infections and 11 deaths in 24 hours

MERIDA Yucatan (Times Media Mexico) – The report from the Health Secretariat on Friday, December 18, showed a substantial increase in the daily cases of Covid-19. 

A week before Christmas, the coronavirus in Yucatan made a “jump” in its daily figures compared to recent days. This Friday, there were 141 new infections, unlike yesterday, when there were 105, to reach 25,482 positive cases so far in the pandemic.

Likewise, there were 11 deaths, so the total number of deaths by Covid-19 in the entity is already 2824.

In today’s report, the Ministry of Health also announced that 154 people are hospitalized in total isolation, eight more than the day before yesterday when there were 146.

The cases of recovered people remain at 85 percent of the total number of infections, 21,864 patients who do not have symptoms and cannot spread the disease.

New cases this Friday, December 18
Of the 141 new infections today, the majority were in Merida, which reported 115 new cases, 7 in Valladolid, 4 in Kanasin, 3 in Tizimin and Uman, 1 foreign, and 1 in Chichimila, Dzilam Gonzalez, Hoctun, Izamal, Tahmek, Tekax, Tepakan, and Tixkokob.

Merida leads with the highest number of infections, 15,156 total, of which 4423 have been in the north, 4197 in the east, 1422 in the center, 1997 in the south, and 3117 in the west.

Of the 11 deaths today, 6 were men, and 5 were women, aged 46 to 90. They suffered from comorbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic renal failure, smoking, and heart disease.

The active cases to date are 154 people hospitalized in total isolation and 640 stable, with mild symptoms isolated in their homes.

Municipalities and colonies with more infections 
So far, the municipalities with the highest number of infections are Mérida, with 15,156; Valladolid with 1896, Tizimín with 915, Ticul with 782, Umán with 616, Kanasín with 612, Progreso with 551, Tekax with 429, Temozón with 228, Motul with 225 and Peto with 223.

In the last 14 days, the colonies and subdivisions of Merida that have presented more infections are Ciudad Caucel with 50 cases, Juan Pablo II with 25, El Centro and Chuburna with 24 cases, Francisco de Montejo with 20, Las Américas with 14, Pensiones with 12, Nueva Sambulá with 10, Francisco I. Madero, Mulsay, Polígono 108 and Vergel with 9 cases, San José Tecoh with 7, and Villamagna Sur and Brisas del Norte with 6 new cases.