Star of Bethlehem will be seen for the first time in 800 years

Star of Bethlehem. Photo: NASA

This Christmas season humanity can enjoy an astronomical event that has not happened for 800 years.

UNITED STATES (Rice University) – According to Christian tradition, the Star of Bethlehem, was followed by the 3 Magi —Bithisarea, Melichior, and Gathaspa— to reach the birthplace of Jesus Christ. 

During this Christmas season, humanity will be able to enjoy an astronomical event that has not happened in 800 years: the alignment of the planets Jupiter and Saturn, better known as the Star of Bethlehem, which according to Christian tradition was followed to reach the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

This is a rare phenomenon, with a special meaning in this Christmas season, and that according to astronomical studies has not occurred since March 4, 1226, that is, since the Middle Ages.

This natural phenomenon occurs when the planets Jupiter and Saturn come together, so at first glance it will appear as if it were a double planet, according to Rice University (Texas) astronomer Patrick Hartigan.  

When and where will the Star of Bethlehem be seen?
The symbolic Christmas Star will be visible from December 16 to 21, and can be observed anywhere in the world, although in better conditions in areas near the equator. The phenomenon can be seen one hour after sunset.

The astronomer Patrick Hartigan says that the event will be repeated until March 15, 2080 and then it will not happen again until after 2,400, so it would be worth taking advantage of the opportunity and not letting it go.

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