Sinkhole suddenly appears in downtown Puerto Vallarta

PUERTO VALLARTA, MEXICO ( December 15, 2020).- The formation of a sinkhole in the downtown area of ​​Puerto Vallarta forced the authorities to divert traffic while personnel from the water company carry out the repairs.

As reported by Seapal Vallarta, a medium-sized sinkhole has been detected on Juárez Street, in the Centro neighborhood, so this location will be closed for repair, starting at the same time the rehabilitation of the Central Collector- North.

Therefore, the closure of road traffic will be carried out in the section between roads Mina and 31 de Octubre, until Sunday at midnight.

Public transport in the direction from north to south will return on Jesús Langarica street to avoid entering the Center and the routes through the bypass will function normally, while small transport will have as an alternative Hidalgo street and Morelos street that will be enabled in two directions to Jesús Langarica, to join Colombia Street, you will also have access to the transversal streets.

Source: PVDN