Second suspect in Florida Keys murder caught, arrested in Mexico six months later

A second suspect in a Florida Keys murder was arrested in northern Mexico on Friday, six months after a man was fatally shot, police said.

Mayque Marin Gomez, 31, was arrested at approximately 9:30 p.m. Friday.

His brother, Jose Luis Espinosa Gomez, 35, was also arrested in northern Mexico in July.

Police say the two killed Jose Manuel Clemente, 45, of Stock Island, and left another man, Iliecer Noa, 43, wounded. All four men lived on Stock Island.

Police have offered no specific motive for the shooting, but they said the killing was a “targeted hit,” and not a random crime, and that it involved a Mercedes-Benz.

Clemente was pronounced dead at the commercial fishing trap yard on the 5000 block of Fifth Avenue locally known as “La Curva.”

Jose Luis Espinosa Gomez
Jose Luis Espinosa Gomez

“Both men were arrested following a joint manhunt between the U.S. and Mexican law enforcement agents,” said Adam Linhardt, the sheriff’s office spokesman. “Efforts to extradite Marin Gomez are underway.”