Once again, medication for children with cancer was stolen .

One hundred eighty-nine boxes were taken from the Moctezuma Pediatric Hospital with a value of 598,752 pesos.

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) – The theft of medicines for treating children with cancer continues in the City. Last Wednesday, 123 injectable Dexrazoxane pieces were stolen from the Moctezuma Pediatric Hospital, with a value of more than half a million pesos. The solution was taken from the pharmacy of that unit, so all the area personnel is investigated to determine responsibilities.

It is recorded in the investigation folder, FIVC/VC-2/UI-1S/D/01117/12-2020, that the report was made on the day of the events around 2:30 p.m. at the hospital located on 158 Oriente Street, number 159 in the Moctezuma neighborhood, a second section of the Venustiano Carranza mayor’s office.

In the document, it is detailed that the pharmacy personnel reported that the injectable solution of 500 mg, which came in a box with an ampoule bottle, has an individual cost of 3 thousand 169 pesos.

The employees detected the robbery after a physical check of that product. In the first instance, the theft of 123 pieces; however, the robbery was already being registered. Since December 7, the personnel had reported the disappearance of 66 pieces of the same medicine and the 123.

A total of 189 boxes were stolen, which represents an affectation of 598,752 pesos, in addition to the damage to the children, who urgently need this medicine.