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Mysterious monoliths have suddenly appeared in Utah, California, Romania, and now on the Isle of Wight

by Yucatan Times
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The Isle of Wight is the latest place to receive its very own “mystery monolith” – just days after similar silver sculptures were found in Utah and Romania.

The mirrored obelisk was found on Sunday by residents of the small island on the south English coast, as they went for a stroll on the beach.

Local resident Alexia Fishwick said the experience was “really quite magical,” describing the discovery to the BBC.

It is at least the forth such sculpture to be found in a public place, with the first appearing in a Utah desert last month. The discovery sparked a ‘monomania’ for the sculptures. There’s little else to link the metal standing stones beyond their form and the mysterious manner of their appearance. While there have been many claims from groups of sculptors and artists saying they are behind the installations, there has been no concrete links to the unearthly artworks.

Some have suggested the sculptures look “extraterrestrial”. There is an undeniable similarity to the sculptures and a set piece in Stanley Kubrik’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’

“We are the chosen ones” joked Former Radio one DJ and island resident Robert Gorham – aka Rob da Bank.

The isle of Wight copycat monolith joins at least three, widely reported sculptures in Utah, Romania California.

On Saturday, Santa Fe-based artist collective named “The Most Famous Artist” claimed to be behind the original stunt. At the same time the group’s website began advertising an “Authentic Alien Monolith” for sale at US$45000 ($63850). A series of three, plus one prototype have already been sold according to the group.

Group director Matty Mo shared photos of photos of what appeared to be the mirrored three sided monoliths under construction, via the website called ‘Monoliths as a Service’.

However, when the collective were asked if they were behind the latest stunt on the beach in England, the group were stumped.

“The idea was to start a global phenomenon,” Mo told the New York Post. “I’d say mission accomplished. I hope every city gets a monolith. It brings people together and spreads joy.”

Source: NZ Herald

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