Mérida hotel manager found dead by guests at the front desk

Death surprised the manager of the hotel “El Rey” in downtown Mérida in the middle of Christmas, when at dawn on Friday, December 25th he was found dead at the hotel’s front desk by some tourists who were staying there.

The events happened around 2 in the morning, when some tourists arrived at the place, located on Calle 71 between 68 and 70 in the Center of Mérida, and when they asked for the key to their room, they realized that the receptionist was unconscious and did not react.

The guests called 911 and requested emergency services, so within minutes an ambulance and police officers from the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) arrived.

The paramedics could only confirm that the man no longer had vital signs, so he was pronounced dead and the intervention of the judicial authorities was requested.

Personnel from the Public Ministry and Expert Services of the State Attorney General’s Office also arrived on site to remove the body, which showed no signs of violence.