Megaphone used as an important communication tool in Ticul during pandemic

A case that is worth highlighting is that of teacher David Elías, who works in the community of Xohuayan, Ticul municipality, specifically at the “Andrés Quintana Roo” elementary school and he, as a way of keeping his students up to date on the activities to be carried out, goes around town every morning in his car with a megaphone.

In addition, he also takes the opportunity to send congratulations for the effort that this implied for his students.

Xohuayan, Ticul, Yucatan (Instagram)

“The megaphone is a resource that I learned from the eastern part of the state and it has helped us to maintain communication with parents, with the students, and with each other as teachers too. I also take the opportunity to send them congratulations for their effort because it is not easy to keep up with school work in these difficult times”, David Elías stated.

Despite the fact that some families have made the effort to acquire at least one cell phone for all members, the majority still do not have internet, so the teacher continues to use this communication resource, which has been very helpful for the members of the rural community of Xohuayan.