Man kills ranch owner and then commits suicide in Panabá, Yucatán

PANABA, YUCATAN (December 22, 2020).- A worker from a Panabá ranch killed the owner of the property and later committed suicide: the bodies were found by another employee who works the afternoon shift.

As it was learned, the employer had a romantic relationship with the employee and it is suspected that they had an argument that ended with the alleged femicide of RL, 54, and the subsequent suicide of LG, 40, one of the ranch’s cowboys.

Panabá is located 166 kilometers (100 miles) east of Mérida (INEGI)

The events occurred at the “Dzonot Caamal” ranch, located on the Panabá-Loche highway.

Both bodies were discovered by the cowboy who came to work the afternoon shift at approximately 4 in the afternoon, on December 22nd.

The woman’s body was lying at the ranch main entrance and had blood stains on her head.

The employee was found in a bed inside one of the property rooms, with bloodstains on various parts of his body. He was wearing only his underwear.

The cowboy who found the bodies immediately went to the police headquarters in Panabá to report the facts.