Man dies electrocuted while waterproofing a roof in Tekax, Yucatan

TEKAX, YUCATÁN.- A tragic event occurred this Monday, December 21st, around 9 in the morning, in the municipality of Tekax, where a man died after receiving an electric shock while waterproofing a roof.

The accident occurred in a house downtown, where Mr. MSJ, 50, was working, accompanied by his son MSE, 23.

Both were carrying out painting and waterproofing work, but due to an oversight, the man’s roller hit the CFE high-tension cables and received a shock that left him unconscious.

His son quickly approached to help him and requested help, but when the paramedics arrived they only confirmed that the man did not have vital signs and he was declared dead, so the corresponding procedures were carried out by police and FGE personnel.