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It’s official, Yucatan has two new “Magic Towns” Maní and Sisal

by Yucatan Times
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Yucatán has now four sites with the denomination of “Pueblo Mágico”, which brings great benefits for those who live there.

Bringing more tourists will mean generating more jobs for the Yucatecans.

With the integration of new destinations, the state recovers its presence in the Magic Towns of Mexico program.

Mérida Yucatán (December 1, 2020).- Sisal, and Maní were designated Magical Towns of Yucatán, after more than eight years without a new appointment for the state, as a result of the efforts and impulse led by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal for these towns to be considered in this federal program.

With these new designations, more than 42 thousand people who live in the two localities will benefit, since tourism will be promoted with a social approach, fair and balanced progress of the communities, which in turn will mean the arrival of more tourists and with them, the generation of more jobs for the region in the tourism sector.

In addition, the number of Magical Towns in the state has increased to four: the first to receive this name was Izamal in February 2002, followed by Valladolid in August 2012. For the Government of Yucatán it is very important to recover and detonate the possibility of generating more appointments of this type since achieving this type of distinction contributes to increasing the number of tourists who come to the state.

MAni is located 92 kilometers (57 miles) south of Merida (INEGI)

It should be mentioned that a Magical Town is a town that, through time and in the face of modernity, has preserved its value and cultural historical-heritage to manifest it in various expressions of its irreplaceable tangible and intangible heritage, in addition to meeting other requirements.

Regarding the appointment, the head of the Tourism Development Secretariat (Sefotur), Michelle Fridman, stressed that this will bring important benefits to the two communities and their people.

“Yucatán adds two new municipalities under the name of Pueblos Mágicos, which will undoubtedly mean a greater economic benefit for its inhabitants. Exposing Maní and Sisal to the national and international public will help attract more visitors and invite them to live the experience and get to know the cultural, gastronomic, and historical richness that both communities have to offer ”, she pointed out.

To achieve this recognition, it is necessary to cover a large number of requirements and carry out different processes before the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur). SEFOTUR undertook the task of developing, in a coordinated manner with the municipalities of Hunucmá and Maní, different documents, in order to be credited with the appointment as Pueblos Mágicos.

Image: Petén Seaside Community, Sisal

The promotion of Maní, Sisal, and other places in the state is part of the Sustainable Development Plan of Sefotur, which promotes the decentralization of tourism so that the benefits derived from the activity permeate in favor of the Yucatecan society.

On this point, the head of Sefotur made reference to the relationship between the Magic Towns and sustainability, as this has to do with inclusion and decentralization, as well as “the fact that we take appointments to locations outside of large concentrations tourism, allows us to develop new products and bring benefits to other locations ”.

Maní is located 100 kilometers southeast of Mérida, in a place where visitors feel as if time has stopped. The Mayan language is found in almost all its inhabitants, who usually lead a quiet life. It is known for the architecture reflected in the church and former convent of San Miguel Arcángel, dating from the 16th century, built with the same stones as the ancient Mayan buildings.

In addition, its local artisans are dedicated to making and embroidering blouses, huipiles, and dresses. In terms of gastronomy, the poc chuc, accompanied by handmade tortillas, purple onion and “aguas frescas“, is an emblematic dish of this location.

For its part, Sisal is a beautiful town on the Yucatecan coast that is located within the municipality of Hunucmá, 40 minutes northwest of Mérida and that offers several ecotourism options since it is located between two natural reserves. In addition, it was the main maritime port of Yucatan at the time of the henequen’s greatest boom and the local gastronomy is unbeatable.

Pueblos Mágicos de México is a successful program that has allowed, up to now, 121 destinations in 31 states of the country to work on the promotion and development of these towns that have a rich history, culture, products, and attractions for their development. However, with the new appointments, the list of Magical Towns in Mexico increased to 132.

Photo: Petén Seaside Community, Sisal

Some of the benefits for Maní and Sisal will be the generation of new jobs; the national positioning of the destinations through the Pueblos Mágicos brand; commercialization of local artisan products; integration of tourism development plans and strengthening of tourism infrastructure; generation of investment in the sector; revaluation of regional culture and customs, and the increase in the arrival of tourists and visitors that will bring greater economic benefit.

The State Government, through the Sefotur, works hand in hand with the municipalities so that, in March 2021, it is possible to make the municipalities of Tekax, San Felipe, El Cuyo, Río Lagartos and Muna, candidates for this appointment and increase the tourism offer in the state.

The state government promotes equitable and decentralized tourism development in Yucatán, as this translates into economic spillovers and jobs for all Yucatecans who work in the tourism sector.

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