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Is Your Car Making a Funny Noise? Learn About Different Sounds And What They Mean

by Yucatan Times

Cars are getting quieter. In fact, some electric cars are so quiet, US regulators are requiring them to make a noise once they reach a certain speed. However, there’s a part in all of us that can appreciate the song of a brand new Porsche 911, or the roar of a Mustang’s V8.

But what about a noise your car just starts making out of the blue? What does it mean when you put your keys in the ignition and the recognizable feel and startup of your car has dramatically taken a turn for the weird?

When a car is making a different sound than usual, that’s usually the first indicator that something is up. It could be a multitude of problems but for now, don’t panic, and figure out what’s wrong.

Hearing a screeching noise coming from under your hood with a certain pattern to it? You could have a loose or worn-out serpentine belt. Your serpentine belt is the driving force for many vital parts of your car. From the alternator to the steering power pump, to the radiator fan and your air conditioner — your car will need this to run.

If you suspect this is the issue of the mysterious screeching noise, make an appointment with a mechanic to see what course of action can be taken. He can judge how serious it is and replace it for you. Just make sure it’s taken care of because your car won’t be able to run without it.

While you’re driving, if you notice a grinding or squealing sound when you push on the breaks, this is most likely a case of worn-out brake pads. It’s important to really take care of this problem because you can find yourself in a dangerous situation with brake failure.

Now if your car is chugging, rattling, or hissing from underneath, then you have an exhaust problem. This is usually caused by issues with how the exhaust from your car is coming out.

Chugging is mostly caused by blockage while rattling is from an unalignment. Hissing means there is probably a small hole or crack exhaust coming out of your system. Get its exhaust checked as soon as you can.

I had a bad muffler on a truck I owned once and when it broke, the whole neighborhood knew. Loudly driving to the mechanic, I got it replaced easily and had no problems after that.

Under the car again, if you’re hearing a low-pitched hum that can be multiple problems. Something either needs replacing, lubing, or some minor work. Check It out at once with a mechanic to find the source and take care of it.

An obviously-to-diagnose problem is the scraping sound coming from worn out windshield wipers. Get this fixed or it can scratch your windshield. A replacement could be awfully expensive. There is also the obvious problem of them wiping your windshields effectively in the rain.

Tires that are misaligned or have low air pressure could create a thud noise while driving. Not taking care of this could lead to getting your tires worn out much faster than usual. Not to mention the poor gas mileage and the bumpy ride.

If your car is making strange noises after an accident, your car is probably damaged and, on its way, to being totaled. You might want to consider options like selling your damaged car and getting a new one.

A ticking noise when driving could mean your engine is low on oil. The clicking is caused by unlubricated components in your engine. There could be a leak in your car, and you would want to get your oil changed as soon as possible. Visit a mechanic to see what they have to say.

I think the message you should be receiving by now is mechanic mechanic mechanic. I cannot heighten enough the importance of a mechanic to diagnose and fix your car to get rid of these noises. Record the noise your car makes and show it to a mechanic so he could have an easier time figuring out what’s wrong.

You might have a hunch as to what the problem is, and your problem might fall under this list, but we’re not mechanics and should trust the benevolent wisdom they have to service our vehicle and get it to working order.

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