Home Feature “I will be the ultimate winner of the elections” – Donald Trump.

“I will be the ultimate winner of the elections” – Donald Trump.

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Donald Trump insists he won the last presidential election where he sought re-election to the presidency.

VALDOSTA GEORGIA United States (AP) – Donald Trump assured that he would be the winner of the elections held last November during a rally. Trump appeared this Saturday at a rally in Valdosta, Georgia. “We are going to win this election,” Trump told a crowd of supporters. “It’s rigged,” he added regarding the win of Democrat Joe Biden. Trump also said: “Radical Democrats will destroy America forever by abolishing filibuster, opening borders, confiscating guns, and packing Supreme Court.”

COVID? What covid?
Despite growing coronavirus cases across the U.S., few of those who attended the rally were wearing masks, and many did not respect social distancing measures.

The event was also attended by First Lady Melania Trump, who gave a short speech before the President’s address.

Trump traveled to Georgia to campaign for the two Republican candidates for the Senate who will compete in two second-round elections next January 5, in an election with great relevance at the national level. The results will decide which party finally controls the U.S. Senate, so Trump chose to continue in the line of his frontal attacks on the Democrats.

California certifies Biden’s victory
California certified Joe Biden’s election victory, bringing him the 270 electoral votes needed to reach the White House.

Joe Biden now officially has more than the 270 Electoral College votes he needs to claim the presidency after California certified its election results Friday night.

According to his office, Secretary of State Alex Padilla approved Biden’s victory results, which Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom will use to prepare the Certificate of Verification naming the state’s 55 voters for Biden.

Voters will meet in their states on December 14 to cast their votes, which Congress will count in a joint session on January 6.

Even as Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris proceed with the transition to a new administration, President Donald Trump continues to make unfounded allegations of massive voter fraud on Twitter and in an extensive video posted this week. But his already slim chances of reversing the election result have been further reduced by the fact that courts in several states have rejected the legal challenges presented by his campaign and his supporters.

In Nevada and Minnesota, courts handed him two more defeats on Friday, dismissing lawsuits that seek to decertify Biden’s victories in those states.

In Nevada, a state court judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by six Republican voters who sought a court order overturning Biden’s victory or declaring Trump the winner, saying they failed to meet the burden of producing “credible and relevant evidence” of massive election fraud.

Hours earlier, the Minnesota Supreme Court dismissed a Republican-led lawsuit aimed at decertifying Biden’s victory there, ruling that the case had been filed too late to challenge the absentee voting rules that were made public long before the November 3 election.

Biden’s lead in the popular vote is now over 7 million votes.

The states that voted for Biden and have not yet certified their presidential election results are New Jersey, which plans to do so on Monday, and Hawaii, which is awaiting resolution of two pending lawsuits.

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