Fashion initiative combines technology with fashion

Aldrin Ayuso, a representative of the state of Yucatan and an iconic designer of haute couture guayaberas with more than 25 years of experience, was born into a family dedicated to the manufacture, sale, and marketing of guayaberas. 

Aldrin has a recognized track record in Southeast Mexico and internationally in cities such as Miami and New York. His recognition arises thanks to its use of the best imported fabrics and its firm belief in constant renewal, thus adapting to the trends of the new generations, but preserving the Yucatecan tradition.

Today, Aldrin (@aldrinayuso) participates in an important initiative at the national level, which aims to support and exalt talent in Mexico, in an original way that combines technology with fashion. 

Aldrin Ayuso

In alliance with Huawei, a brand that, for almost two years, has sought to support emerging talent and also the already recognized through alliances in areas such as: fashion, beauty, culture and gastronomy, having as one of the main objectives to promote local talent.

This initiative commemorates the opening of 12 new stores around the Mexican Republic, so the brand Huawei has decided to pay tribute to the occasion. From the hand of designers and artists like Aldrin, who represents the state of Yucatán, there are four other talents that represent another state where an opening was held. 

Analia Barbieri

In total, 5 unique pieces were made, which show the striking style and bold proposal of its creators starting from the same point: technology as the main inspiration.

“The inspiration for my piece came from the very special relationship that I have recently created with technology. Without a doubt, having it within my reach was essential so that I could share my creations in these times of pandemic. I was able to easily and quickly share images of my best quality products, I was able to share what I was working on through my social networks. It was a very supportive and helpful tool in the difficult times we are going through ”, mentioned the Yucatecan designer, Aldrin Ayuso.

Alex Medina

In the same way that Aldrin, Alex Medina (Querétaro), Analia Barbieri (Quintana Roo), Valeria Durán (Chihuahua) and Regina Castro (Puebla) trusted Huawei and joined the alliance, joining forces to give meaning and life to this tribute. Through this alliance, they assume a new role as spokespersons for the collective mission by being the ideal example of the perfect combination that exists between recognized and emerging design.

“The pieces that each one of the designers and artists have made are just a small taste of the incredible talent we have in our country and an invitation to open our eyes and admire, recognize and promote Mexican talent. In this case we, as a brand, have the honor of being their showcase, but we would love to invite more companies to join this mission and become great platforms to promote local creative wealth “, added Alix Durnhofer, PR Manager of Huawei Devices Mexico

Design by Valeria Duran

Huawei has taken on the task of promoting this type of alliance and on this occasion, the renowned photographer Abraham Saraya (@abrahamsaraya) was the one who through the lens of the Mate 40 Pro managed to capture the inspiring tribute in images.

“Being part of the Huawei family and being joined in such inspiring projects is a privilege. On this occasion I used the Mate 40 Pro as an ally and I believe that the results speak for themselves. Both the camera and each of the pieces are spectacular! ”, Mentioned Abraham Saraya, photographer and Huawei ambassador.

Regina Castro

Download the images of each of the pieces of this incredible tribute

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