Downtown Merida hotel fire controlled by firefighters

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (December 28, 2020).- Certain hotel rooms in downtown Mérida are full and fire and passion, but at the “Canada” motel, there was more fire than passion, when one of the rooms of this motel located in the center of Mérida burned in flames after midnight this Tuesday, Dec. 29th.

The causes that led to the fire are unknown, apparently it was a short circuit.

The incident was detected at approximately 1:30 in the morning at the Motel “Canada”, located on 66th Street (between 71 and 73) in downtown Merida.

At that time the manager Deyvid ABC was making his surveillance and supervision tours of the rooms, when he detected that smoke was coming out of one of them.

When he opened the door, he realized that the whole place was on fire, the wooden door, a mattress, the curtains, a television, and a fan, among other things that were in the room.

The fire was put out by SSP firefighters who arrived at the establishment in a matter of minutes.