Covid contagion index decreased by 23% during November in Yucatan

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN.- The contagion index by Covid-19 decreased in the State, for the fourth consecutive month, this time by about 23 percent, however, in the last week there was a rebound, which covered 35 percent of the total registered in November.

Likewise, the Yucatan Health Secretariat (SSY) revealed that in the case of fatalities, the reduction was 20 percent.

Similarly, November ends as the fifth month with the highest incidence of infected people, with 2,341 infections, as well as the sixth in the number of deaths, with 174 deaths.

So far in the state, there are already more than 20,245 people who have recovered from the pandemic, 84.78 percent.

In this month to conclude, the number of infections was lower compared to July, August, September, and October.

After the onset of the pandemic in Mexico, it is the fifth month with the highest morbidity and mortality rates, as the figures registered in March, April, and May were exceeded.

According to the SSY’s daily technical statement, 121 active confirmed cases of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) causing the Covid-19 disease were registered today, distributed in 12 municipalities, as well as three deaths, whose deceased were originally from Mérida.

8 months after the onset of the pandemic in the Yucatan, there are 23,880 confirmed cases, of which 20,245 have already recovered, 84.78 percent, and unfortunately, the pathology caused the loss of 2,693 people.

In Mexico, the first infected with Covid-19 appeared on February 27 of the current year, and 17 days later, on March 13, the first case was registered in Yucatán, specifically a 57-year-old woman, who was infected in Spain.

Throughout 263 days, 23,880 infected have been registered, with a daily average of 87 infections, although on five occasions no case was registered, with a daily maximum of 276, which occurred on September 14, a figure that included the cases of the day as well as the late ones.

In March, 46 people were infected with the new coronavirus, and in April 410 were infected, with an increase of 791.3 percent.

Subsequently, in May there were 1,381 cases, with an increase of 236.8 percent, and in June, the sum was 2,0604 positive, with a growth of 88.5 percent.

While in July, 5,326 infected were confirmed, whose upward trend was 104.5 percent, and in August, 5,116 infections were registered, with a decrease of 3.1 percent compared to the previous month.

In September, the decrease was 30.6 percent, since only 3,583 were recorded.

Now, in October, there were 3,000 people that tested positive for the virus, whose decrease was 15.5 percent.

While in November there were 2,341 infected, with a reduction of 22.7 percent

The transmission corresponding to March was 2.4 daily cases, in April there were 13.6, it accelerates in May to reach 44.5, the increase continues in June, with 86.8, in July, the intensity was 171.8 daily cases, in August it was 166.5, in September it was 119.4, in October it was 97.7, and in November it was 78.

Regarding the monthly distribution of the epidemic, in March it is 0.19 percent; in April, 1.72 percent; in May, 5.8 percent; in June, 10.9 percent; in July, 22.3 percent; in August, 21.6 percent; in September, 15 percent, in October, 12.7 percent and in November, 9.8 percent.


Until today, 263 days have passed in the state of the presence of the deadly infectious disease of rapid spread, and deaths have been counted for 241 days.

Since the epidemic began in the state, the first two deaths registered in the State were on April 3, that is, 21 days after the first confirmed local case of the pandemic.

So far, the new coronavirus has already skewed the lives of 2,693 people, and this month the decrease is notable, given the downward speed in the number of deaths, except for the last week.

On average, there were 11.2 deaths per day, however, on nine occasions no deaths were recorded, but the daily mortality record of 35 deceased was established on July 15 and was repeated on July 23, 24, and 30, as well as on August 5, 7, 12 and 18, and even on October 15.

The SSY detailed that in April there were 35 deaths from Covid-19, in May, the sum was 173 deaths, in June there were 253 deaths, in July there were 700 deaths, in August there were 836 deaths, in September there were 306 fatalities, in October there were 216 unfortunate losses, and in November the figure at reaching 174.

According to statistics, the daily average for April was 1.3 people dead; in May it was 5.6 individuals; in June it was 8.4, in July there were 22.6 citizens, in August it was 27, in September it was 10.2, in October it was seven, and in November it was 5.8.

Regarding the monthly growth, in May it was 394.2 percent compared to April; in June it was 46.2 percent, in July it was 176.7 percent, in August it was 19.4.

However, in September there was a decrease, which was 63.4 percent, while the decrease in October was 29.4 percent, and in November, the decrease was 19.4 percent.

The data provided shows that of the total deceased, 31 percent corresponds to August; 26 percent is from July; 11.4 percent corresponds to September; 9.4 percent belongs to June; eight percent to October; 6.46 percent as of November; 6.42 percent as of May, and 1.3 percent, as of April.

Covid-19 Report

This is the medical report for this Monday, November 30:

As we have pointed out, in the economic reopening the most important data are hospital occupancy and daily income. Today we have 155 patients in public hospitals.

20,245 patients have already recovered: they do not have symptoms and cannot be contagious. This figure represents 84% ​​of the total registered infections, which are 23,880.