Cold Front 17 brings chilling temperatures to the Yucatan

MÉRIDA, YUCATAN (December 1, 2020).-In the next 24 hours, a cloudy sky is expected, with a low probability of rain / drizzle. Warm to hot temperatures during the day and mild to warm at dawn.

The cold air mass that drove the cold front No.17 is expected to continue to predominate over the region, maintaining stable weather conditions with partly cloudy skies, however, the probability of rain will be low. 

The atmosphere will be warm during the day and cool to temperate at dawn, especially in sectors of southern Yucatán, northeast Campeche, and central Quintana Roo, with prevailing north-northeast winds of 15 to 25 km / h and gusts greater than 40 km / h on the coastal areas.

The lowest temperature was registered in Tantakin, with a record 13.0 ° Celsius.

The temperature forecast for the city of Mérida is in the range of 26 to 28 ° C as the maximum and from 16 to 18 ° C the minimum. For the rest of the state, the maximum in the south and east will be from 27 to 29 ° C and the minimum for the south from 13 to 15 ° C.

On Monday, November 30th, in Yucatán, 16.1 millimeters of rain was registered in Tizimín. The maximum temperature was 33.0 ° C registered in Valladolid and in Mérida (observatory) it was 26.4 ° C. 

Tantakin is located 150 kilometers (93 miles) south of Merida (INEGI)

The lowest temperature was registered in Tantakin, with a record 13.0 ° Celsius. 

The Yucatan Times



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