Casa Manzanero: where the “Maestro” sang for the last time

Casa Manzanero in Mérida, was the venue of the artist’s last concert in his homeland Yucatán.

It was inaugurated on December 11 by the artist and state authorities

The Casa Manzanero, home of the last gig by the singer-songwriter who died this Monday, contains valuable pieces of the Yucatecan trova and was inaugurated on December 11th, precisely by Mr. Manzanero himself.

At the ceremony, he was accompanied by Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal as well as businessmen and other state officials.

In addition, there is a bust of Manzanero and various personal items and clothing that he donated.

After the inauguration of the place (located in the Calle 60 shopping plaza, in the Historic Center of Mérida), Armando himself, accompanied by an organ, sang some of his most famous songs as a duet with the bolerista Carlos Cuevas, guest of honor.

It was indeed, the last gig by Maestro Manzanero in his own land.



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