Canadians arrive on the Yucatan coast and help economic recovery

The arrival of the Canadian community to the port of Progreso and its different coastal towns began. The “Snowbirds” come in search of the warm climate of the region, before the start of the winter season in the northern hemisphere, which brings economic benefits to several local sectors.

Although the climatic conditions of Yucatan have not been the best, these are warm in comparison with the extreme cold that is experienced in Canada during the winter. For that reason, since the beginning of December, some temporary residents arrived who, year after year, “land” in the port to join other Canadians and Americans who permanently inhabit the area.

With the beginning of winter, the influx of “Snowbirds” will increase. The tourist sector of the port and its coastal demarcations, primarily restaurant owners, said they were prepared to meet the demand of “visitors” during the winter, and also of the Yucatecans who, regardless of the presence of some north, come to the coastal area.

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