Campeche residents intercept AMLO, ask him to change the route of the Maya Train

The inhabitants of three neighborhoods of that state delivered a letter to the president asking him to change the route of the train and avoid the demolition of their houses.

Residents of the neighborhoods of Camino Real, La Ermita, and Santa Lucía in Campeche, gave President Andrés Manuel López Obrador a letter asking him to change the layout of a section of the Mayan Train so that their houses are not demolished.

This Saturday, the president supervised the work of the Maya Train, from Calkiní, Campeche. There, residents of the neighborhoods intercepted his truck to deliver the letter.

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“We wrote to you with great fear of being evicted by the Maya Train Project. We want to be very clear with you, as a group we are not against your project because we know that it will help boost the economy by generating jobs in our state of Campeche. (…) We all agree to defend our heritage and neighborhoods that we have inhabited for several generations.

“What documents, property titles, historical evidence reflected in the official newspaper of the State of Campeche, indicate the antiquity of these neighborhoods and their inhabitants since before the railroad,” says the letter.

Source: Animal Político