Bacalar ejidatarios accuse the government of “forcing” them to sell their land

The environmental policies proposed by the Federation and the state can only be fulfilled by large capitalists.

The environmental standards that the federal and state governments intend to implement in the Bacalar lagoon can only be fulfilled by large capitalists, and it is easier for ejidatarios to sell their property than to comply with all federal and state regulatory procedures.

Roberto Salgado Sangri, spokesman for the Community Council of the Bacalar Lagoon Basin (Concclab) said that state authorities express their “willingness to dialogue,” but promote environmental forums whose sole purpose is to justify the establishment of environmental regulations under different denominations, such as Protected Natural Area (ANP), or Critical Habitat.

But in essence, what is intended is to implement rules that can only be complied with by large capitalists, as is happening in the coastal strip of the Buenavista ejido, which has been sold 100% to outsiders.

He stated that in the Buenavista ejido the best coastal lands have been handed over to resellers, who trade with foreign investors, who have already built or are planning the development of ecotourism residences.

“While the local ejidatarios lack the capital to comply with the regulations and much less to pay the high fines, so they prefer to sell their land.” said Roberto Salgado Sangri, spokesman for the Community Council of the Bacalar Lagoon Basin (Concclab)

Salgado Sangri added that the ejidatarios are practically facing legalized dispossession, which has left the original owners of the land without the possibility of development, and by selling, they do not see the benefits of the added value of their lands.

“Unfortunately, the hypocrisy of these environmentalist groups financed by international organizations has generated the exclusion of the ejidatarios from the development registered by Bacalar; obviously, together with the Mayan Train, interest in the best terrain in Bacalar has increased ”.

Salgado Sangri added that the State Government has not shown any real interest in guiding ejidatarios and small owners about the business opportunities that are going to be generated.

The spokesman for the Community Council of the Bacalar Lagoon Basin (Concclab) concluded by saying that “the state and federal governments have allied with neo-liberals, against the interests of the ejidatarios and the small landowners”.

The Yucatan Times



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