As every year, the traditional Poinsettia flowers come from Puebla to Mérida

Merida, Yucatan (December 3, 2020).- The health emergency has not been an impediment for Yucatecans to buy the traditional poinsettia flowers to decorate their homes this Christmas.

“We arrived on November 14 and from that moment, sales began. People really like the flower and the one that we produce comes from Atlixco, Puebla, and is of excellent quality “, said Sandra Ramírez, administrator of” La Feria de la Nochebuena“, which is located in a property on Colón avenue.

She mentioned that 10 different colors of Pointsettia are offered, among which red, white, green, gold, and others stand out.

However, he reported that 70% of buyers prefer the red variety, because it is considered to be the most traditional.

This plant grows in cold environments, so on its arrival in Yucatan, it faces an adaptation process that requires special care, so it is imperative not to neglect care to prevent it from being affected and not surviving.

“It is very important that they have it in a shady place. They should water it every other day. The water should be placed directly on the ground, they should never wet the sheet. The flower, if they take care of it as it should be, should begin its normal process of defoliation, from February or March ”, she explained.

On this occasion, Pointsettia flowers are offered in a price range that goes from 35 to 120 pesos, depending on the size of the plant.