Armando Manzanero’s last creation “Este Tiempo” talks about love in times of pandemic

Even in times of pandemic, the late singer Armando Manzanero never stopped working and composing, even these difficult moments inspired him to create a song dedicated to love in times of COVID-19.

The melody bears the name of “This time” (Este Tiempo), which highlights a couple’s patience in complicated situations that are experienced at home, but, above all, of the love that has been rekindled in quarantine.

This time I regretted how many colors I have lost, what sometimes goes unnoticed, a rose, an aroma, a poem, music. This time I learned to love you much, much more ”, which is part of the lyrics of the song.

‘ Este Tiempo ‘ is performed by the bolero singer Rodrigo de la Cadena, who was the lucky artist to be able to meet the Yucatecan icon just a few hours before he was admitted to a Mexico City hospital.

“I was the person who had the privilege to record alongside Maestro Armando Manzanero, hours before he was admitted to the hospital.”

Regarding the last song written by  Manzanero, the singer explained that it is “dedicated to love in times of the historical pandemic that ended, ironically, in the end, with his life,” Rodrigo de la Cadena stated.

Armando Manzanero lost his life at dawn on Monday, December 28th due to kidney failure, even though he had been admitted to the hospital since December 17th, after contracting COVID-19.